Somewhere in the Shallow Sea: A Novel of Suspense (eBook Review)


In this suspenseful thriller, two lovers are in a race against all odds in the jungles of the Philippines to save their kidnapped friend. Somewhere in the Shallow Sea will test the main characters’ determination in order to outwit the man who is after the scientific compound they brought as ransom.

Author: Dennis Macaraeg


Get the book: Somewhere in the Shallow Sea: A Novel of Suspense


This book somehow reminded me of the movie Muro Ami even if they have so many differences. But just being at sea sent flashbacks and all the feels.

I have to say that action-suspense is not my most loved genre but I like reading them once in a while.

With the current state of our country, Philippines, this book is timely and a little bit relatable. There is always a part of me that wants to know what happens in kidnap-for-ransom situations. And this book killed that curiosity.

Danny… I want a friend like him. He just basically welcomed and attracted death to save his close friend. “Come through, bullets. Come through, Death… Don’t care. I’m gonna mind my own business and save my friend’s head.” Such a keeper. 😊

As much as I like the characters, action scenes, and thrill of this book, the story was predictable. For someone who watches a lot of action movies or movies in general, I saw it coming. I wasn’t also a fan of the Danny-Helen romance but they work so well together.

I like how the Philippines is featured in this book. It made me wanna travel around the country and explore more.

Overall, I really liked and enjoyed reading it. 😊 Go grab the book!

(The author sent me a free ebook of this book in exchange for a review.)

– Marice

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